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10+ Natural Comforts and Remedies to take once sick.

hhoboken pier C dancers pose

hhoboken pier C dancers poseand hopefully, shorten the duration of the cold.  I try to live healthy  as possible in a fast paced life but I still get sick. I am a work in progress of some health success and failures.  But when I get  knocked down how fast can I repair,  take care and rest up.  Here is a list of my plan in action. I have lost my voice sore throat and allergies/ congestion.  Typical harsh allergies can be debilitating.  Last year this happened and I lost my voice for two weeks… granted I have had a lot going on and yes I believe emotion and trauma easily play a part in our well being.  however this time around i am on it. 

1)  fresh lemon and warm water. I nurse this throughout the day.  It was my mothers cure all for everything…only as a kid I hated the bitter…I am okay with it now.  ***caution the acid is not so good on your teeth so perhaps drink through a glass straw.

2)  oil diffuser cool mist- in shower and by bed.  So here is my reasoning babies get colicky and we use nebulizers.  SO why not when we are adults.  I use four thieves oil in the bath (as well as on my person)  and eucalyptus in the bed room or maybe vice versa.

3)  I turn the home up to 76.  okay maybe this has no value but I find I am generally cold anyway and my body tends to relax in heat.  Also long hot hot showers with a lot of steam.  again its just a relaxed body thing.

4)  no milk no caffeine.  I am not big on the milk thing however it goes in my coffee and it is a morning ritual. Having a cup of coffee. but NOT when my voice is being sensitive. self care means stopping that which is harmful and caffeine and milk are killers on the vocal chords.

5)  raw local honey for the throat.  this is my fave…like candy.

6)  homemade bone broth is lovely.  so soothing. I once was vegan and then vegetarian for years  but after discovering I am severely anemic this I allow as well as some meat every week.  Bone broth read about here

7)  Raw garlic clove. My mother use to boil a head of garlic and place at neck…I am not a fan of living with garlic around my neck but eating it is said to kill bacteria.

8) Rock salt and warm water gargle.  As often as possible.

9) apple cider vinegar with raw honey-  well basically as with the lemon in hot water very akalizing.

10)  rest. rest. rest.  Both the voice and the body.  Don’t even try to speak and do try to sleep.   sometimes silence is the best sometimes doing nothing AND saying nothing is better.

11)  neti pot.  I save this for last as it is something that I do daily as preventive. However NOT after my allergies have run away. – the pressure is just too great to use.  However on a daily basis pouring the warm water and salt through each nostril clears the nasal passages and my breathing is much easier.


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