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5 Signs of Addiction to Yoga and Work

jennifer vafakos prayer

jennifer vafakos prayerIf you live and or work in a metropolitan area then chances are you may be one of many and hang with a tribe that does that same. We tend to stick together. There are many things that I enjoy about NYC but as I have gotten older I have realized that the amped up vibe is my addiction. Always tending to pride myself on how much work I can do efficiently in such a short amount of time, working in the fashion industry this is both a plus and a negative. Through the years as I excelled at handling more in the work place I was always favored, it wasn’t until a couple years ago when the company I worked for went under and I started to examine more closely my addiction to movement, pace and the fervor attached to it. Yoga seemed to be a bright light in all of this. I started bouncing around studio to studio hoping to find a home and eventually found not only a studio I loved, but teachers and like-minded NYC amped up peeps looking for the same serenity. In fact so smitten was I with this studio that I just exchanged my addiction from work to yoga, completing 500 hours of formal training within a couple years. I was hopping on the yoga teacher bandwagon. Fast forward, (or maybe backward) and I am still in the fashion industry doing what I love and nights and weekends getting a yoga fix teaching. So what could be the problem two loves and one life…or two masters and no life, as my boyfriend would kindly suggest… Here’s what I know as I have examined my schedule and have starting whittling away some classes (le sigh and attachment abound here and perhaps one or two tears of the unknown I will never work again) AND REPLACING WITH QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS AND LIFE.

You are working too much when:

  • You make a decision and then another decision both contradict each other yet they make perfect sense in your head. I.E. you have 4 calendars with overlapping appointments. Plus extra “to do” post it list stuck to your computer, written on your hand and as an alarm on your phone Several times in this past year if I had been two people I would have been much better adjusted. Though somehow I never missed a class or a corporate meeting. So perhaps, “I am fine”, I would say to myself…
  • Before you even step out the door in the morning you have detailed every second of your day noting that you’ve given yourself a 5 minute window between tasks and if overlapped you are either late to one appointment, missed a meeting, or need to reschedule another. Though planning everything out and strategically stepping forward is smiled upon in the corporate world, it is not worthy of a happy life investment strategy. There needs to be a certain “go with the flow” attitude and not a rigid agenda.
  • Mom, friends and loved ones get the “snappy attitude”. Those you love most likely already do not understand your work alcoholic, I can do everything attitude, but you have found when they reach out to you or have a one on one intervention are likely to get snapped down with “you don’t understand response”.
  • You try and sneak a little work in before during and after a date and going out with a friend or family. It’s so easy to work 24/7 just look to the convenience of your phone. Hell, I am guilty of “Facebooking” my teaching times while at dinner or texting my assistant while in the car.

5)      Trying to rope people into your schedule as a two birds with one stone effect. “Hey I know I haven’t seen you in a while ___ but what about we hang out during a class…” If you are taking the class together, yes its bonding on some level, however if you are blowing out the door to go back to work right after then it is a little WTF moment…

Bottom line is any of it worth it? Which portion of your life ultimately means more? Take time for small serenity, the mani pedi ,the yoga class at a studio where no one knows your name, go out with friends- long after that job is history; hopefully they will still be there. Each is an investment and all investments worthy of your time will have the sweetest rewards. Perhaps you have had the same journey or similar?

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