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6 points to Draw confidence from when teaching

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Some teachers graduate from there 200 hr as if completely formed born to teaching and without hesitation they seem to soar. Actually some people seem like that in life without much experience they place their intent forward and fly to their destination. Other of us need seek more study, more practice and more work showing up day after day attempting to perfect our voice. After a few years of teaching, stumbling, growing and finding that elusive voice that stands confidently and comfortably throughout the class.

  • No matter how experienced you are, draw from yourself your new experiences keep it fresh and alive. How you teach is just as much a reflection of your life you live, your practice, your teachers even how you choose to spend your time, then your training. How you teach is a reflection of your life, what you value inside your practice, the music or no music you choose, how you greet the bhav/ feeling you create the moment you enter the room.
  • Be generous, be vulnerable, be kind, be present. WE all have off days, times when we are tired, teach the same side twice but where I can fall off track is starting to obsesses and judge myself. The minute the negative judgments on myself come out I am becoming self-centered, I am not with the student…serving no one . I am not there with them…hence my new mantra…via an old teacher. “make the connect”
  • Make the connect. Make eye contact with your students…oftentimes I will make sure to look at someone specific in the eye and smile, wink or laugh…not flirt… just I see you. Assist even if it is only to place a hand to a student’s back and encourage breath.
  • Be curious. no teacher training “guru” is the ultimate. You are your guide and after all the training your inner you will fit the pieces together and use what works for you and what your students respond to best.
  • Ultimately we all move like ourselves, inside our own bodies. Get over obsessing whether your students are doing exactly what you want, the moment you want or your class is exactly what you planned. In fact no two classes should ever be precisely the same even if you have a weekly framework have it broad enough you can adjust to suit the needs to the class as a whole.
  •     Laugh, smile, be happy even if you are having a crap day. Sometimes you will have to fake it and trust me a student will smile and breathe with you and that crap day just became the best thing ever. Perhaps you may acknowledge that teaching might perhaps be the best job ever.
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