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7 Modern Day Poets and Rebels. To lift you up, Meditate on and Set the Tone for your Day, Week and Life.

hoboken grafitti wall art Jennifer Vafakos


hoboken grafitti wall art Jennifer VafakosI love poetry. Often and almost always I try and tie a poem into the rythym of one of my classes. Savasana is a great place to tie it in with a little silence or soft music if it relates.  Below is a list of my current faves. What are yours share these writer rebels and give them praise for their art as it is not an easy craft to verbalize heart thought and emotion into written word.


1) Mark Nepo- “The Way Under the Way”  Beautiful.

2)  Ruth Foreman-

“Prayers like Shoes”

completely relatable and hits the mama button of what is passed down and who we surrender it all over too.

3)  Mary Oliver- The Journey

We all know deep inside what it is we are meant to do.  It is the fear and viels that cover up the truth.  Yoga is the practice used to uncover and clear the path ahead.

4)  Wendell Berry-  “The Peace of Wild Things”   Interesting man, farmer, modern food pioneer, poet.

5) Wislawa Szymborska- relatable easy to read thoughtful.

6) Victoria Erickson-

Basically any little note she may have to write. deserves a ponder or two or even put into voice and read aloud to yourself or in front of a class…

7)Tapiwa Mugabe-

I am not sure the best way to describe her she her poetery may accompany an image and the words may stand alone. . It’s romance, magic, sensual and touching. The words can stand alone or with the images she provides.












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