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Feeling Taken Care of when the Earth is moving under your Feet? Breathe yourself in, be held in the breath.

the thinker variation Astavakrasana jennfer vafakos

the thinker variation Astavakrasana jennfer vafakosSometimes it’s hard right?  like really hard. Can you reach back to a place and time you really and truly felt taken care of. Where and when was it? For me it was everytime I went to visit my mother. Long after she was able to take care of me and I was a full grown adult to be with her was complete solace. So now she is no longer here…what now. I am still in the process of clearing out her home and ironically still feel her near me.  I know she is near, I feel it. But aside from that, how can I really learn to take care of myself emotionally…

My teacher (Dana Trixie Flynn) did a class on the Kumbhaka (breath retention)  which was a super powerful experience for me…everytime I went to retain my breath I got dizzy, anxious and felt as if I was going to pass out…perhaps  it is because I have been breathing a lot more shallow lately?  To expand my breath during this class felt disorienting. It was a distinct reminder of a Mary Oliver’s line “are you breathing a little and calling it a life”  Breathe deeper my friends, lean into the uncomfortable places thats where the opening happens.

Using kumbhaka feeling the flying up sensation, the lift, the release, the sometimes grasp.  Has helped me to fall a little more into the meditation of the movement of asana. in that meditative quality of the asana I can move and truly feel calm truly feel held. I am in control and present. Something to tangibly feel possibilities when life feels challenging.

You Live on In Me. I feel you near me. Happy Mother’s Day!

mother love

“you live in beautiful forms and you are the energy that breaks form. All light, neither this nor that.
Human beings go places on foot,
Angels with Wings”-Rumi


Celebrating all the mothers who have guided cared for and spread their love on this day.  I love you mom now and always! xoxo!!!mother love

Open to Changes- Purusha and Prakrati


Pema Chodron“When it feels as if the earth is moving under your feet and as if you cannot find your balance through all the change in life, as if you can’t go on… you are on the right path…keep going.” This is what my teacher has said to me a few times. It really is that, the most momentous points in our lives, the ones in which the walls become doors, are the moments when we feel as if we are standing on the edge about to fall off or fly. It’s the prakrati the shifting elements in our lives, both body and emotions included. I think the key is you need to give it all in complete surrender to the outcome in order to have that shift. Hanging back slightly isn’t gonna cut it. Leaning two thirds the way into any situation isn’t offering yourself over with abandon. The place where true contentment lies is in pursuha our true nature experienced through the mind, in most of us it is a bit of a fogged up mirror which we try to clear with discernment viveka to become “awake”. This is me right now standing on the edge as so many of us are.

Think about the shapes of any asana. Can you come up two thirds into a handstand or wheel? What will that even look like for you? The shapes we find the most presence in we need to totally drop into with steady laser like focus.

And oh one more thought for a Monday…Pema Chodron. Like warm milk and honey for my soul…

Tomorrow is my move day. New home farther away from the city I love, placing my apartment up for sale, dealing with my mothers estate and almost one year since my beloved Jakey passed. Place a miscarriage in there and a father that was placed into a nursing home over the past year and life has truly been a large bag of change and emotion. Never has this practice been more important.



7 Modern Day Poets and Rebels. To lift you up, Meditate on and Set the Tone for your Day, Week and Life.

hoboken grafitti wall art Jennifer Vafakos


hoboken grafitti wall art Jennifer VafakosI love poetry. Often and almost always I try and tie a poem into the rythym of one of my classes. Savasana is a great place to tie it in with a little silence or soft music if it relates.  Below is a list of my current faves. What are yours share these writer rebels and give them praise for their art as it is not an easy craft to verbalize heart thought and emotion into written word. Read More

Spring cleaning, changes movement and life.

sahasrara crown chakra jennifer vafakos

sahasrara crown chakra jennifer vafakosIn the midst of moving from one home to another (2nd move inside of one year) there is a catharsis of cleaning and ridding myself of what is no longer needed. Oftentimes I have held onto things clothes, make-up, books, books and more books way after the necessity of life has called for their presence. it just creates clutter- its not that I am a minimialist but we all do this…hang on. Read More

meditate on your beautiful life. 5 steps to setting up the space and time.

prayer and alter bhakti barn jennifer vafakos

prayer and alter bhakti barn jennifer vafakosA  teacher has reminded me over the years “meditate on your beautiful life”. Sounds easy except when you are feeling that your life ain’t so beautiful…hey we all get in a funk and need to pick ourselves up. When in the funkiest of funks, meditation can be a lifesaver.  Sitting with the muck…

In all honesty I had a quite strong meditation practice a few years ago and then for whatever reason just stopped… Really everyday right before bed 10-15 minutes all to myself japa mala in hand sometimes others just with my breath space silence and stillness. Quite calming.  Was I doing this right? I don’t know but I was calm and focussed and it was my journey…So what happenned? Everything was fine so I just stopped. Something else became more important then me, my time and my space. Read More

10+ Natural Comforts and Remedies to take once sick.

hhoboken pier C dancers pose

hhoboken pier C dancers poseand hopefully, shorten the duration of the cold.  I try to live healthy  as possible in a fast paced life but I still get sick. I am a work in progress of some health success and failures.  But when I get  knocked down how fast can I repair,  take care and rest up.  Here is a list of my plan in action. I have lost my voice sore throat and allergies/ congestion.  Typical harsh allergies can be debilitating.  Last year this happened and I lost my voice for two weeks… granted I have had a lot going on and yes I believe emotion and trauma easily play a part in our well being.  however this time around i am on it.  Read More

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