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Insta dropout

Eka Pada Sirsasana- jennifer vafakos arm balance

I am a Instagram drop out. Or should I say that I am on a long long hiatus. I like thousands or maybe just lots and lots of aspiring yogis loved to photo and share what I was working on. Latest greatest and did you mention a challenge? Oh so fun. Until it wasn’t. Until I realized looking back in my feed that it was consuming my days- and I am sure you understand if you are anywhere near this all-consuming addiction.  The quest for the perfect photo, the filters, the editing, the lighting and the caption/ #hashtag mania. I mean holy bajolie batman!

The all too familiar plea to friends and family:  “Wait a minute can you take a photo of me? No like over here, it’s an inversion, so just to nail it, lemme give you a few pointers on taking the photo.” Seriously do you see your friends rolling their eyes? Are you even present with the day? Minute/ moment? Or are you entertaining two or three challenges in the month all to get a pair of leggings or yogi toes?   Is it your practice or the world’s?

In all seriousness Insta really is great to see photos of yourself, stimulate and inspire your practice, get positive feedback and boost your ego. Unless you are like me and start to become hypercritical of everything, not least of which is my body. There are so many positive things to be said about insta. But right now I want my feed to be more about me and less about the appearance of a shape. I am much more than the lighting, the back drop, the shape, the length of my hair, the roundness of my thighs and the soft signs of life around my eyes… and this is what I want to work towards in my social media life. Even if the shapes and the fire to create them  are still a super love in my life… xoxo!!!!Eka Pada Sirsasana- jennifer vafakos arm balance

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