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meditate on your beautiful life. 5 steps to setting up the space and time.

prayer and alter bhakti barn jennifer vafakos

prayer and alter bhakti barn jennifer vafakosA  teacher has reminded me over the years “meditate on your beautiful life”. Sounds easy except when you are feeling that your life ain’t so beautiful…hey we all get in a funk and need to pick ourselves up. When in the funkiest of funks, meditation can be a lifesaver.  Sitting with the muck…

In all honesty I had a quite strong meditation practice a few years ago and then for whatever reason just stopped… Really everyday right before bed 10-15 minutes all to myself japa mala in hand sometimes others just with my breath space silence and stillness. Quite calming.  Was I doing this right? I don’t know but I was calm and focussed and it was my journey…So what happenned? Everything was fine so I just stopped. Something else became more important then me, my time and my space. Maybe I stayed out late one night and decided sleep was more important, maybe it was the dog who licked my face during my breath.  Whatever it was as part of my 60 day commitment to myself the meditation practice is needed and it is becoming part of my practice, to myself, again. Here is how I am setting up the space and time. Mind you I am in the midst of moving homes.  So I feel if I can do this now I definately can maintain it.

The set up:

1)  create the space. mine is a little “alter” so to speak. of those women who raised me. My mother and her ashes, my godmother,  holy water given to me by a yoga mentee as well as a little Krishna she gave, a poetry book, and a rosary.
2)  Scent is important. candles, incense,   I use a floral candle from a company started by a friend I use to work with soukenberry, ( I use her candles in part because I love the scent and they last.  But I love her go out and change the tide do what she loves.  My point in try and place meaning in the choices. I also use and adore Nourish in Savannah Georgia.  The products are to die for and it is a place I visit every year so it has a speical place in my heart.

3)  find your seat. on the floor. a couple blnkets under my hips helps to elevate my hips slightly higher then knees. I am not going to get to into detail with this as it varies from person to person and there are numberous guides. I am no expert and I only care for the seat that is undisturbed and I can maintain.

4)  find your focus.  this is why I started japa. for me it is easier to focus on a mantra and to have the beads running though my hands. see yoga and prayer. The mantra is based on what I need in my life. What I am focussing on and placing humble thought towards, it may be manifesting or it may be a releasing mantra. WHat is needed what is needed to be discarded to move on.

5)  Finally and most improtant: set up the same time and sit in the same space everyday. Starting first with a few shorter minutes 5minutes. growing slightly day by day. commit as with asana practice meditation requires the same daily commitment.



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