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Open to Changes- Purusha and Prakrati


Pema Chodron“When it feels as if the earth is moving under your feet and as if you cannot find your balance through all the change in life, as if you can’t go on… you are on the right path…keep going.” This is what my teacher has said to me a few times. It really is that, the most momentous points in our lives, the ones in which the walls become doors, are the moments when we feel as if we are standing on the edge about to fall off or fly. It’s the prakrati the shifting elements in our lives, both body and emotions included. I think the key is you need to give it all in complete surrender to the outcome in order to have that shift. Hanging back slightly isn’t gonna cut it. Leaning two thirds the way into any situation isn’t offering yourself over with abandon. The place where true contentment lies is in pursuha our true nature experienced through the mind, in most of us it is a bit of a fogged up mirror which we try to clear with discernment viveka to become “awake”. This is me right now standing on the edge as so many of us are.

Think about the shapes of any asana. Can you come up two thirds into a handstand or wheel? What will that even look like for you? The shapes we find the most presence in we need to totally drop into with steady laser like focus.

And oh one more thought for a Monday…Pema Chodron. Like warm milk and honey for my soul…

Tomorrow is my move day. New home farther away from the city I love, placing my apartment up for sale, dealing with my mothers estate and almost one year since my beloved Jakey passed. Place a miscarriage in there and a father that was placed into a nursing home over the past year and life has truly been a large bag of change and emotion. Never has this practice been more important.



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