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Spring cleaning, changes movement and life.

sahasrara crown chakra jennifer vafakos

sahasrara crown chakra jennifer vafakosIn the midst of moving from one home to another (2nd move inside of one year) there is a catharsis of cleaning and ridding myself of what is no longer needed. Oftentimes I have held onto things clothes, make-up, books, books and more books way after the necessity of life has called for their presence. it just creates clutter- its not that I am a minimialist but we all do this…hang on.  I believe clutter it affects our states of mind and well being…So in these months of self care and recognition of needing self care, I am letting go, of a lot.  How can we truly free ourselves to be happy when we are holding on to so much physical stuff that we need to place energy into maintaining? How can we focus on the good, the beautfiul, the boldness of life  when we are busy maintaining stagnancy. Clutter disables us and hinders our ability to create.

The struggle to unload my friends is real. The desire to live minimally is a process.  I too have grown up in an age of over consumerism. Less is actually more and I have had to develop that realization.  I work in an industry that exists because of women’s desires to consume more and more.  It is in fact scientifically proven that clutter is distraction.  As if you needed science to tell you what you in your heart can feel?

In cleaning out my mothers house I realize how truly sentimental she was.  Though she never was one for flowery emotions as a water sign everything was felt and hidden.  But she did indeed keep EVERYTHING, Old love letters, old divorce letters, old rejection letters. One box I shredded had it all, every rejection letter for a job, unhappy letters from my father, a brother in law that prevented her from seeing her sister when she was ill. All of it. Going through it I was phycially and emotionally drained….AND it wasn’t even mine! Part of letting go is getting rid of the physical evidence AND forgetting.  Yes forgetting is a letting go your mind has released the evidence. Allow yourself to forget and remove the physical objects that bind.

This is my practice and in a way the clearing the space enables me to sit inside my meditation practice with a little more ease.



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