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Visshuddha- 5th throat chakra and a yoga class.

jennifer vafakos and jake

jennifer vafakos and jakeSometimes you Really feel a Yoga class…and take it with you…That was so yesterday. I took my usual 6:30 with one of my favorites and she opened the class centering it around the 5th chakra Vishuddha. The throat, a place where we “speak our truth” but also a place where I have found it is so very important to listen. Listen even to what is unsaid. A place if I linger to long in listen my mind gets crowded with overthinking…Kinda like a a cluttered mess. I have often wonder if it is all so literal that these shapes can literally emotionally affect our bodies, health wellness. I do believe it so. I do beleive they can trigger emotions…but dormant illensses if opened.

Anyway back to the class I was totally into it, the movement, the opening the throat in shalambasana, the giggle I felt in King cobra (really no one makes me attempt that without the giggling at the absurdity of the pose). It’s just not in my everyday or anyway kinda practice…

However this morning, no lie, no voice…Ironic? Was I getting sick before class? I felt fine except for my allergies which are awful as usual this time of year. No voice…Crazy? Something I am not communicating? Body and mind? Who knows I will say I FELT the class and had so much fun.

Isn’t that what practice should bring us to? A little bubbling of giggles and smile on our face as we move…just plain happy. All the while discovering newness about ourselves and our bodies.

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