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Yoga, Technique, and Self Care

About Jennifer

Straight up and the short story – I am a mom, wife, daughter, yoga teacher, business owner and recovering fashion designer. My passion is learning. My work is to be able to share this practice in a precise, articulate way that brings freedom in one’s body. Whether this is through classes, training(s) or retreats I believe that that the journey of self care is how we can function better in life and treat the world around us as if it is our joy to be engaged in..

Long Story: I began practicing yoga in my mid-twenties as a way to take that “one day off” from training for marathons, biathlons, triathlons as well as basically blow off a lot of steam from a corporate day job. What began as a “day off” threaded through years of practice and continual study. While I worked tirelessly in the fashion industry of NYC. I am most grateful to my teachers, most notably Dana Trixie Flynn as well as Inlet Yoga Community who has given me far more understanding of what a community truly means than I could have ever hoped for.

I believe yoga is a potent tool to help endure and thrive in life physically and mentally. Practice gives me the tools to live a well-lived life. I never call myself a “yogi” nor do I care to; my aim in this life is the importance of being a good human to myself and others.  You can find me at @jvafakos on Instagram, and @inletyogacommunity.

Yoga Retreats

I hold unique yoga retreats that connect inner and outer discovery with guided yoga, meditation sessions, healthy organic local food and enough free time to relax, enjoy and be open to beauty … Held in stunning locations both local and international. Each location for these special events are curated and chosen for their ability to contribute to experience and delight all of our senses.

Yoga Classes

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi my classes offer space to expand on your current practice and add to your individual needs. I offer options in each class for the student to choose what suits their practice that day while still being of the group.

I teach weekly public vinyasa movement classes as well as chair yoga at my studio Inlet Yoga in Manasquan NJ. Where my classes may offer inspiration drawn from seasonal yoga, Pranayama (breath practice), meditation, and mantras.Students can expect to receive alignment direction from body mapping, body reading (based on articulating alignment) and smart queuing directed specifically for them based on what I see. Ultimately the goal is for students to become stronger and reveal their own personal habits in movement patterns. Patterns which they may not have been aware of prior to commitment to practice. Ultimately the clarity of individual alignment, movement and habits as well as how to correct gives students an overall well-being.

Private classes are available upon request and have the most results when committed to over an extended period of time.

 Lastly, in the Summer you can find Jennifer teaching yoga in Spring Lake on Saturdays and Sunday’s

Yoga Trainings

All my courses work on the student’s unique needs and look to empower the student’s journey toward health, well being and personal growth. I believe no matter age, religion, race or gender yoga is the ultimate practice of being human, I honor the ancient practice of yoga while being authentic to the demands and sensitivities of modern day life. I believe our body is our home that we must maintain and take care of but also LIVE inside of. Although I embrace various types of yoga and have been trained in Katonah, restorative, chair, Laughing Lotus, Baron Baptiste- I take what has served me well and utilize it to construct all my classes and training with the best of each style. I care deeply about cultivating and creating an inspired, intelligent, useful practice for my students. Infusing my classes with quality, integrity and a sense of humor.

Through compassionate and skillful teaching I hope to deliver the best yoga experience for a human body. I utilize body mapping, individual body reading, articulate and concise queuing for individual instruction. I additionally offer sequencing based inspired and influenced by seasonal yoga with nature as the impetus and construct. Whether looking to build one’s own practice or uplevel your career path as a qualified skilled teacher of this great practice I look forward to sharing.